The ideas on this website about Participatory Leadership were developed by Sean Blair from his 20 years of practice, learning and growth.

I am the founder of ProMeet, Pro-Facilitation and AudioFuel. I originally trained as an industrial designer, and went on to study business at Durham University and marketing at Kellogg.

After being named the young entrepreneur of the year for founding octo design, I went on to become the Design Director of the Design Council where, I advised ministers on the economic benefits of good design. I wrote and lectured about good design in the UK and overseas. I co-founded of the Nowhere Group, during which time I also studied ‘Responsibility in Business Practice’ at Bath University.

I am honorary fellow in enterprise at Durham University Business School, an associate of the National School for Government and a Trustee of the Royal Society of Arts.


© Participatory Leadership 2008

© Participatory Leadership 2008

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