“The participatory leadership paradigm is based on respect and engagement. It constructively focuses energy in every human to human encounter.  A more advanced, more democratic and more effective model of leadership, it harnesses diversity, builds community, and creates shared responsibility for action. It deepens individual and collective learning yielding real development and growth.”

Participatory leaders are typically post conventional leaders(1). Their action logic uses every organisational interaction to make meaning, live purpose, grow self, others and transform organisations.

Participatory leadership is a sustainable and empowering way to create successful organisation development and change. Participatory leaders use every meeting as a key mechanism through which to release potential.

The ProMeet methodology and tool set had been designed specifically to enable participatory leadership.

ProMeet is a simple tool, powerful in the hands of participatory leaders. It is being used by government departments, multi national corporations, Universities, charities and fast growth small businesses.

ProMeet is participatory leadership at work.

Footnote: 1. Torbert & Rook, Seven Transformations of Leadership Harvard Business Review


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