Participatory Leaders:

Mobilise and engage all of a communities assets

Purposefully & constantly connect day-to-day action (meetings) with vision & strategy

Create a healthy, energetic culture of openness and participation

Are objectives driven (and constantly evaluates achievement of objectives)

Embed good process to facilitate collaborative action to achieve objectives

Harness diversity in service of innovation and good decision making

Visibly improve communication and individual accountability

Live constant, multi-level (breakthrough) learning and development of self & others

“Don't ask me for rules and mechanisms of participatory democracy. If I gave them to you, I would take away an essential aspect of your participation. Without participation we atrophy in every sense of the term. We must take responsibility. We must participate. We must simply awake to the great call of our destiny.”

Prof. Henryk Skolimowski

Facilitating important meetings, workshop and away days
Delivering Participatory Leadership through every meeting

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